FLUIDS 365 Case Management

Case Management in Dynamics 365 & SharePoint 365

Case Management – the management of the interactions between an individual and a company or government agency – is critical to the work of many organizations, but it is often intensely manual, paper driven and plagued by delay and poor visibility.

FLUIDS 365 Case Management capability, with Dynamics 365 & SharePoint 365, radically reduces the complexity and ‘time to completion’ of case handling.

FLUIDS 365 provides a single, consolidated view of all cases being managed by an organisation and automates the processes and activities required to drive cases to completion quickly and effectively.

Knowledge Workers manage Cases and are normally the most expensive asset a company has. Knowledge Workers require right first-time information. However, to train call centre staff in the correct process for complex client, employee or citizen enquiries is expensive and ongoing.

FLUIDS 365 combined with Dynamics 365 automates knowledge to ensure consistency, compliance and right first-time data for complex scenarios. Our platform enables a time to market which is at least 6 times faster when compared to normal delivery methodologies.

Data capture for process management is key. Learn how FLUIDS 365 empowers knowledge in your business.