FLUIDS 365 Knowledge Forms

People are expensive. People with Knowledge are more expensive.

To enable people in Service Centers or Call Centers takes many months as:

  • Digitising forms to allow analysts capture the relevant information takes months to code
  • Training staff in how to manage questions and answers takes time
    • Trained people become more expensive.

It is much easier to have Forms build up dynamically where call center staff do not require training.

FLUIDS 365 allows Call Center Analyst / end User / Citizen / Customer, through Self-Service, to input data for complex Case Management process, where the form for each Case builds in an automated manner.

Traditionally, complex forms would take months to develop.

With FLUIDS 365 it takes days to implement and updates can be applied rapidly.

To understand why, please watch our video to see how FLUIDS 365 enables new Service rapidly.